Organic Japanese Cotton Pads (10 Pack)

Get 10 2x2.5 inch pads of 100% organic Japanese cotton, with no agricultural chemicals, pesticides  or bleach.  Get about 8-10 rewicks per pad.

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For all of you looking for a good Koh Gen Do replacement for wicking your RDA's and RBA's. I've used KGD for a while now and was running out of my supply so I needed to find a replacement. I was going to purchase more KGD however it is getting more difficult to find and thus the price has sky rocketed out of control. Planning on switching to Rayon (Cellucotton) for wicking I did some more research and am glad I did. Here's a bullet point Pro's vs. Con's list I would like to share. I've used both Labo and KGD side by side and this is my honest opinion:

Labo Pro's:
1) Natural, Organic, NOT bleached cotton
2) Provides excellent wicking and fantastic flavor. Every bit as good as KGD if not better. Seriously, I believe Labo provides better flavor.
3) Far less expensive
4) Readily available
5) Splits in half more evenly. I use micro-coils and have found that both KGD and the Labo sheets are bit too thick so I split them in half after cutting my strips for wicking. I find that the Labo sheets split in half more evenly then the KGD thus giving me more usable cotton material.

Neutral: Labo and KGD

1) Both KGD and Labo seem to wick juice equally well
2) Both are natural, organic and not bleached
3) Both come in the same style of sheets (pads) and can be cut and wicked the same
4) The Labo sheets are smaller then the KGD sheets. Labo sheets are roughly 2.25"x2" and KDG sheets are generally 3"x2.5". That being said, you get more (qty) Labo sheets in a package and I would guess the total cotton is about equal.
5) Both seem to last just as long between re-wicking

Labo Con's:
1) If you're dead set on using Koh Gen Do this is obviously not the product for you. The placebo effect can be strong and some people may be so convinced that KGD is the absolute best. For those of you that feel that way, spend twice as much and get the KGD.

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